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Comprehensive Network

The comprehensive network of Valley Organized Physicians means your employees can find great healthcare locally with ease. We have more than 500 Primary Care Physicians and Specialists in multiple counties around the Rio Grande Valley area. Cities we currently serve include Alamo, Brownsville, Donna, Elsa, Harlingen, Laredo, McAllen, Mercedes, Mission, San Benito Raymondville, Port Isabel and Weslaco, making it easy for employees to find doctors right in their neighborhood.

Reduction in Healthcare Costs

Healthcare-related costs typically come in two forms: out-of-pocket expenditures and indirect costs due to loss of productivity. Valley Organized Physicians can help reduce both. With a unique model, highly engaged providers are encouraged to practice preventative medicine, through a coordinated care approach which requires frequent communication with all members of your employee’s healthcare team. This team-oriented approach allows providers to stay ahead of and manage any developing conditions, which can result in fewer medical procedures and hospital stays, less sick time, and most importantly, healthier employees.

Health Maintenance

We believe the best way to keep your employees healthy is through preventative care, which includes annual physicals and screenings. Valley Organized Physicians offers and encourages annual physicals and screenings that can help your employees maintain their good health. After a Comprehensive Physical Assessment has been conducted, the Primary Care Physician will develop and maintain a personal health plan for each employee.

In-Patient Care Managers

During hospital stays, a Valley Organized Physicians In-Patient Care Manager will coordinate and create a discharge plan to ensure employees have an easy transition home. This specialized physician will work closely with hospital case management, the employee’s health plan, and the providers in order to create a personalized care plan.

Partnering With Your Health Plan

Company health plans often offer a variety of incentives, such as wellness programs and discounts on gym memberships for those enrolled. What’s peculiar, however, is that many employees aren’t aware those incentives even exist. Valley Organized Physicians providers will review each selected health plan with employees to ensure they are aware of what their plan offers, thus giving them the opportunity to take advantage of all the perks.


We understand that healthcare is much more than a visit to the doctor when illness arises. It’s about how life is lived each and every day. Valley Organized Physicians has a wide collection of resources that can help educate employees on the best ways to live the healthiest life possible. Provider articles, local events, and convenient online forms are some of the tools we provide in our commitment to empower your employees with the knowledge they need to maintain good health.

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