Patient FAQs

  • What is Valley Organized Physicians?

    VOP is a comprehensive physician network containing more than 500 primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists who cover 11 areas in the Rio Grande Valley. This includes Alamo, Brownsville, Donna, Elsa, Harlingen, Laredo, McAllen, Mercedes, Mission, San Benito and Weslaco.

  • What makes Valley Organized Physicians different?

    VOP has been dedicated to providing patients with stronger doctor-patient relationships. We focus on providing preventive care to improve patients’ quality of life. Patients are at the center of the VOP model and has a team of highly committed physicians led by the selected Primary Care Physician. The team creates and manages a plan that helps keep you healthy.

  • What is an IPA?

    The acronym IPA stands for Independent Physician Association. An IPA is a network of independent physicians who work closely together to provide coordinated care for patients. The IPA provides coordinated care through consistent communication between providers and patients.

  • What is a POD?

    Physicians Organized Delivery Systems (PODS) is a group of providers—PCPs and Specialists located in a geographic area. The POD has preferred hospital(s) and specialists whose referral patterns remain within the same geographic physician community. This can be advantageous to the patient when they live within the POD’s geographic area because this limits the travel distance to a provider.

  • Why do I need a referral?

    A referral is a communication tool shared between the referring physician (often a PCP) and a receiving provider (often a specialist). Referrals communicate diagnosis and clinical information that is essential in effectively treating the patient. A referral provides the provider's name, phone number, and address of the provider for the patient.

  • How can I become a Valley Organized Physicians member?

    VOP currently holds contracts with Cigna TotalCare Medicare (HMO D-SNP), Cigna Preferred Medicare (HMO), and Cigna Fundamental Medicare (HMO) – MA only. Members that are part of these plans utilize the VOP network. Contact your health plan customer service to learn more or to request that VOP be added to your network.

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